Welcome to League Trivia: America’s Pub Quiz

America’s Pub Quiz is the best live-hosted trivia show that brings a FREE quiz night to bars, pubs and restaurants throughout America!  We are happy to bring fun trivia to family, friends and co-workers.  An entertaining evening to be had by all – guaranteed! How can we guarantee this? It’s FREE to play!  We are so confident in your enjoyment that we aren’t going to charge you anything to play AND provide FREE nightly prizes and regular cash tournaments.  

Subject matter is a potpourri of categories including music, movies, TV, sports, history, and more, with plenty of surprises along the way. A plethora of categories gives all team members their strong subject and ensures the useless knowledge stored away will finally be put to good use. What does matter is that everyone has fun! Team size doesn’t matter, and there are often even prizes for the best team name or funniest wrong answer. America’s Pub Quiz offers a free league, you can sign up here. All you need to do is bring some friends, come out and play and qualify for free cash tournaments.We give away more cash, every year than ANY company in the country. We have three seasons throughout the year, with a tournament at the end of each season.  Grab your friends, invite that smart guy from the office, and come take a break with some great food and drink at one of the Midwest’s premier establishments. We promise, once you play along with America’s Pub Quiz, you’ll be back!

***Free Answer of the Night***

Saturday, November 22nd

Phobos and Deimos

Sunday, November 23rd

Centaurus or Sagittarius

Monday, November 24th


Tuesday, November 25th

Great Dane EAST (Madison, WI) is closed until further notice

Wednesday, November 26th

Olive Tree

Collin’s Deck Bar (West Bend, WI), Tilted Kilt (Green Bay, WI),
Tanner’s and Babe’s (Madison, WI),
Wingz (Fall River, WI), and Eggy’s on 965 (North Liberty, IA)
are cancelled tonight

Thursday, November 27th

No shows tonight. Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 28th


Saturday, November 29th